20 Jul 2017

On Thursday, 20th July, Westdale Juniors held their first talent show for several years.

Each class elected an act - ranging from gymnastic displays to shadow boxing - to perform in the final show in which they were then judged by a panel comprising of staff paired with school council members. Each and every act was a credit to each class and commendable for a number of reasons; least of all for the confidence of each child to perform in front of the whole school and also for the genuine talent in evidence. The consensus of all in attendance, adults and children alike, was one of how very talented our pupils/peers are!

Please do peruse the attached pictures of the show. For your information, there have already been discussions as to whether parents and carers (of the elected acts) might wish to attend the final show next year.


Talent Show (20th July 2017)

Posted by Mr Ring