11 Dec 2017

Year 3 trip to Tesco

On Tuesday 21st November, 3LT visited the Tesco supermarket in Carlton to investigate where our food comes from.

The trip started with an exciting journey on the number 25 public bus, which took us down the hill to the store.

We were met at the bus stop by Rose, our trip guide, who took us inside and showed us around.

Our first activity was investigating the countries of origin of different fruits and vegetables. We found produce from every corner of the world, including water melons from Brazil, spring onions from Morocco and walnuts from Hungary.

We then visited the fish counter and identified some different types of seafood, before holding a fish, a prawn and an oyster!

Next stop was a look around the warehouse, where deliveries are unloaded, and the chance to step inside the freezer! We could only stay in there for a minute or so as the temperature was –25°C!

Finally, we had the opportunity to taste some breads, fruits and cheeses, before setting off to catch the number 25 bus once again to take us back to school. Unfortunately our bus was cancelled due to maintenance, so we had a chilly wait for the next one!

Posted by Mrs Tupholme