7 Feb 2018

The children arrived safely at Castleton and it was a good journey.  The views around the youth hostel are amazing and the surrounding hills are still covered in snow.  The children have eaten their lunch and are very excited about the afternoon activities!  We will keep you posted with more information as the day progresses......

Day 1 afternoon activities

The children have been learning the art of bushcraft this afternoon and how to build dens and make fires.  Looks like we have some budding Bear Grylls' and Ray Mears'!!

Den building and fire making

Day 2

Mr Knight has informed us that all the children had a good night's sleep.  They have all enjoyed a very nice cooked breakfast, cereals and croissants and are now very busy preparing for their walk over the Hope Valley towards Mam Tor and the Treak Cliff Cavern.  We will post photos as they come in!

About to set off on the walk

The children are all wrapped up against the cold and about to set off.  They look full of energy - we will try to post another picture after the walk to see if the energy levels are still there!

Walk over Hope Valley to Treak Cliff Cavern

The children are checking the limestone walls here for fossils.  Some of the children (and adults!) may be wishing for the tropical climate the fossils would have experienced when they were alive millions of years ago!

Limestone wall fossil hunting

The children have stopped for lunch on the edge of Odin’s mine ..... what a view!

Lunch at Odin's Mine

In the picture below, the children are sketching the landscape, measuring land movement and comparing rock samples at the 'Broken Road'.

Fieldwork at The Broken Road

The children enjoyed learning about the history of Blue John mining in the Treak Cliff Cavern.  

Treak Cliff Cavern

Day 3

After another good night's sleep, eveyone is up, packed and has enjoyed a nice big breakfast before starting their activities. Miss Barnes’s class are shelter building (very useful in the rain!) and Mr Knight’s class are heading into Castleton for their GPS challenge.

Friday morning breakfast



Mr Knight has informed us that the bus is just about to set off .  Therefore, we anticipate an arrival back at school time of approximately 3:15pm.  We will keep you posted of any changes.  




Posted by Mr Slater