16 Apr 2018

Exciting new trim trail

The first day of the summer term has seen the much-anticipated appearance of a brand new trim trail on the playground.

Following months of meetings with trim trail companies and much deliberating over various designs, the School Council finally decided on the current design and it was put up over the Easter holidays. Bearing in mind the School Council played such a pivotal role in its coming about they had first go!

In order to avoid over-crowding on the trim trail the rest of the week will see each year group taking it in turns to have a go, i.e. Year 6 will have sole access on Tuesday; Year 5 on Wednesday and so on.

Finally, a BIG thank you to all those parents and carers that have attended our recent run of family-orientated events as some of the profits from these events went towards financing the new trim trail.

Posted by Mr Ring