25 Oct 2018

School Council

It is our pleasure to introduce this year’s Westdale Junior School Council.

They were voted for by their peers in a series of blind ballot elections following very impressive presentations from each of the successful candidates.

Similar to last year, the council have lots of important whole-school orientated projects to get underway as soon as possible, e.g. disseminating information and then discussing and collating ideas from each of their respective classes for the rejuvenation of playground apparatus; help maintain a calm atmosphere on the corridors during unstructured parts of the day; assist in the planning and running of the talent show etc.

They have already met with the CEO of our trust (Mr J. Tomasevic) to discuss a number of important whole-school matters. Needless to say, Mr Tomasevic was very pleased with how they did and found what they had to say very useful and informative.

They might also be meeting with Mr V. Coaker MP (Member of Parliament for Gedling) if he pays a visit later in the autumn term.

Posted by Mr Ring