4 Dec 2018

Holocaust Centre

On Friday 30th November, the Year 6 embarked upon another exciting trip but this time we headed to the Holocaust Centre in the village of Laxton, on the edge of Sherwood Forest.

Similar to our trip to Beaumanor Hall, the main purpose of this trip was to bring our WWII topic and ultimately the curriculum to life for the children - deepening their knowledge of WWII and the Holocaust as well as developing their empathy for people during this dreadful time.

The trip was given further gravitas by having the children seeing and experiencing the Holocaust through the eyes of a fictional Jewish child, Leo, who narrowly escaped being rounded up by the Nazis but did have to endure the rise of the Nazi regime in Germany in the run-up to 1939 and their declaring war on Poland. Understandably it was at times an emotional journey through the exhibits but the Centre and our superb guides somehow pulled off the remarkable feat of making this most harrowing of subjects both appropriate and relevant to the children.

The day ended with our meeting and hearing the recounts of an actual Holocaust survivor, John Fieldsend (a real-life Leo), and we were captivated by all that he had to say and share with us. This made for an appropriate close to a very moving and enlightening trip.

Posted by Mr Ring