21 May 2019

RE Day (25.04.19)

On Thursday, 25th April, 2019, the children took part in RE Day and the theme this year was the Christian celebration of Easter. 

Each year group was given part of the Easter story to learn about and explore, and then each year group got to share what they had learned and discovered in a special Easter Assembly on Friday (26th April). 


Year 3 learned about Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to celebrate Passover on Palm Sunday.   

For assembly they produced some wonderful drama reenactments as well as fantastic palm leaves (which they waved with great enthusiasm) to show the school what Jesus’ entrance would have been like. 


Year 4 learned about The Last Supper and the events that took place in the Garden of Gethsemane. This culminated in Year 4 telling the story by using freeze frames to capture moments and by doing so allowing the audience to reflect on what was happening.  


In Year 5, Mr Knight’s class looked at the trial of Jesus. They told the story of the scourging, questioning and final condemning of Jesus using creative and expressive miming that allowed the audience to empathise with the different characters.

Mrs Miles’ class focused on The Crucifixion of Jesus. Each child produced an atmospheric picture and retold part of the story.

Year 6 looked at the final part of the Easter story – The Resurrection. Groups of children expressed the view points of the different characters who were there when Jesus rose from the dead. The children also got to show their Resurrection pictures which quite literally drew gasps from the audience. Fantastic colours were used to show the wonder of The Resurrection of Jesus.

The children had a wonderful and insightful day exploring their part of the Easter Story and clearly enjoyed sharing their work with the rest of the school.

Well done everybody for your hard work and enthusiasm on this special day.

Also a big thank you to Mrs Richardson and Miss Barnes for organising and coordinating this year’s memorable and enlightening RE Week.

Posted by Mr Ring