23 Nov 2017


Westdale Junior School’s Bingo Night: 5:30 – 7:00pm on Thursday, 23rd November, 2017

Different to last year’s family ticket arrangement, we will be selling adult tickets for £1.50 (which includes admission as well as a 10-Game Bingo booklet, i.e. 10 sets of numbers) and children’s tickets for £1.00 (which includes admission and a 5-Game Bingo booklet, i.e. 5 sets of numbers). For keen Bingo players there will also be the option of – on the night - purchasing a single Bingo ticket sheet for games (with 6 sets of numbers) for an additional 50p.

Similar to last year’s event, we are predicting the playing of four or five rounds/games and there will be a main cash prize of £30 as well as various runner-up prizes such as wine and chocolates. Please note you will be more than welcome to bring your own refreshments, e.g. wine and nibbles, so that we can really get into the bingo party spirit. Do also feel free to bring in your own dabber markers, though several will be given out as smaller prizes for ‘lines’ and ‘corners’.

Please fill in the slip at the bottom of the letter which was sent home with your child and return it to the school office.