There are lots of activities to do at lunchtime and after school. Not all of these clubs run all year round but this page should give you a good idea of the things we can do.


Choir is held every Tuesday at lunchtime. Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Thompson play the piano and Mr. Jennings teaches us the songs. We sing various types of songs and we usually perform concerts every term.

The school also has an orchestra. It practices on Mondays at lunchtime with Mr. Jennings. Children can also learn to play the recorder at lunchtime (with Mr. Jennings or Mrs. Tupholme) and Music Club takes place after school for advanced musicians. Mr. Jennings teaches the ukulele during lunchtimes – to a Y5 group on Wednesdays and to a Y6 group on Fridays.

Some of the children have lessons with a peripatetic teacher. Ms. Perkins comes into school on Thursdays to teach the violin and cello; Mr. Wells also teaches the drums on Thursdays. Mr. Jepson teaches the guitar on Wednesdays and our flute teacher (Mrs. Parkin) also comes in on Wednesdays.


We have school a football team and Football Club (run by Mr. Slater and Mr. Bennett), a Netball Club (run by Miss Barnes), a Hockey Club (run by Miss White) and an Athletics Club (run by Mr. Jennings and Miss White). 

Other Activities

There are a number of other clubs including an art club run by Miss Batty and Mrs. James; a Film Club run by Miss White; a Gardening Club (which meets on Wednesday lunchtimes) run by Mrs. Tupholme and Mrs. LeGood. Dramarama and Dance Club, which both take place after school, are run by outside organisations.