We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all our pupils, enriching this in a number of ways including:

  • having class and year-group educational visits;
  • by having visitors with particular expertise and interest come to school;
  • by having a number of special days during each year when we have a particular curriculum focus throughout the school and
  • by having special weeks, like Arts Week, each year.

Planning at Westdale takes place at several different levels.

Our “long-term planning” outlines major areas of each subject that will be covered by each year-group in the three terms of the school year. This plan allows the Executive Head, Head of School, leadership team and teachers to monitor and ensure that, across Key Stage 2, we offer the children a broad and balanced curriculum which meets and exceeds the statutory requirements.

We then undertake “medium-term planning” which is more detailed and indicates individual learning objectives which will be covered in each of these areas or topics together with the major activities the children with undertake and any key resources that will be required. These plans help year group teachers ensure that resources are in place in a timely manner to allow the learning to take place and to highlight appropriate links between subjects. They also allow curriculum leaders and members of the leadership team to monitor coverage of the curriculum within each individual subject.

Further, more short-term planning is produced by teachers for the week, day or individual lessons, to help them deliver the lessons as effectively as they can. These plans are normally considered to be for the teacher’s personal use.


We want to foster a love of reading in our pupils and help them develop the skills to read confidently, fluently, accurately and with good understanding. We know that these aims will be best achieved when school and homework closely together and we have produced the following booklet to help explain our approach to reading at Westdale.

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