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Welcome to the Year 4 pages.

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If your child has Special Educational Needs or a Disability, please also take a look at the Special Needs page on our website where there may be additional information and resources.

Suggested Year 4 Timetable for learning at home

Please find below a suggested timetable you may wish to use to structure home learning.

The learning packs given have a range of activities for you to complete over the next couple of weeks. Different activities can be found on a range of website (such as White Rose and Classroom Secrets). There are links to some of these websites on the left 'Links' page. Please do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions.

- Everyday, a new episode of Newsround is shown. Whilst you watch, you may want to sit and write questions about the information they’re watching and listening to. This ensures open conversation and discussion regarding the world around us. Similar can be done with ‘Our Planet’ and ‘If I were an animal’.

- Joe Wick Kids work out is a daily session to ensure the children are staying active at home.

- Remember that the recommended sedentary (sat down) screen time is 1 hour, and that children should be active for 3 hours a day (not sat down; walking, running or playing). The NHS recommends that no child should ever be sat down for longer than 1 continuous hour at a time.

August 2022


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