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Nottinghamshire Healthy Families Advice Line click here

For support in explaining school closures and the Coronavirus to children, there are links to social stories from the ELSA team on the sidebar of this page.

For children with dyslexia or other literacy difficulties, try using Clicker. This is software that you can use to support writing and is currently free during the Coronavirus outbreak. If your child finds this useful and you would like to continue using it at home when we are back in school, please speak to Mrs James as we do have a school licence.

Have a look at the British Dyslexia Association website here and the Dyslexia Association site here.

This wheel shows all sorts of useful apps for people with dyslexia.

Touch typing is a great skill to learn for children with dyslexia. Doorway Online is a free site with activities to try. This site is also useful for spelling activities.

Nessy has a free youtube channel containing lots of resources for children with dyslexia or memory difficulties.

STARS has a range of resources to support children with Autism to understand the current situation.

See below for a postcard of information about the Family line, this is run by a charity called family Action.

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