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Little Red Riding Hood Play Script

Monday 30th March and Tuesday 31st March ( Two days of English work)

1. Read through the play script of Red Riding Hood with a group of people and act it out. Have fun.

Little Red Riding Hood Play Script (PDF)

2. Look through the play script information with another person. Discuss what features are in a play. e.g. a narrator, stage directions in brackets, dialogue with no speech marks, characters, speakers name on the left, cast list, scenes. Find these features in the play, 'Red Riding Hood.'

Look at 'Analysing the text file' to help you think about these features.

Play script information

Analysing the features of a play script

3. Use the play script information file to help you think about how you would write a play script. Look at the example of how the story of Red Riding Hood has been changed into a play script. Look at the layout and how there are no speech marks in the dialogue. Discuss where the stage directions needs to go. Remember they are in brackets. Put the character's names on the left followed by a semi colon.

Look at slide 19.

Complete the sheet at converting the story into a play script.

Writing a play script

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