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Design and Technology Intent

Our Design and Technology curriculum sets out to develop the transferable skills of Designing, Making and Evaluating. In addition, the development of technical knowledge and vocabulary is fundamental. Children are encouraged to make usable products that fulfil the criteria of purpose and function as well as aesthetics.

We aim to cover a range of projects across the key stage, including different types of Structures, Mechanical systems, Electrical systems and Textiles and incorporating skills such as the use of Computer Aided Design and programming. Food and Nutrition is given a high profile and part of the curriculum for all year groups.

Children are encouraged to investigate existing products and their makers: inventors, designers and chefs. We believe it is important for children to develop their curiosity, through exploring their own ideas, adapting and adjusting as they go and revisiting their plans. Innovation is fostered as children progress with their skills. The process of evaluation enables children to reflect on their work and celebrate successes.

Our intent is to deliver a design and technology curriculum which is accessible to all and that will maximise the outcomes for every child so that they develop an enthusiasm and enjoyment of learning and discovery. Progression in learning is clearly mapped from Year 2 to Year 7 in the attached knowledge progression grid.

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