English Intent

We aim for all children to experience a wide range of high-quality fiction and non-fiction texts that are engaging, creative and promote a long-lasting love of writing. We recognise the importance of nurturing a culture where children take pride in their writing, can write clearly and accurately and adapt their language and style of writing for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences. In order for pupils to become confident and effective writers, they also need to have acquired a secure knowledge of grammatical structure and application.

Writing underpins the work undertaken in all areas of the curriculum and will support children with their further education and within our rapidly developing and ever-changing society. We believe that the knowledge taught within our writing lessons is essential for all children to speak and write fluently.

The progression plan will inform planning to ensure that learning is built within the lesson sequence, within the unit, within the year and over time.

We want our children to develop a lifelong love of writing and apply secure knowledge of grammatical structure to move from being a novice to becoming an accomplished writer.

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