Maths Intent

Westdale Junior School offers a Maths curriculum which ensures that the objectives of the National Curriculum are met and reflects the current best practice in the teaching of Maths.

In order to become fluent mathematicians, children need to understand the inextricable links between mathematical concepts and apply them in order to solve problems. We aim to ensure our children develop rich mathematical connections by improving their fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Children will be able to tackle complex problems, confidently recalling and applying their knowledge in order to support their thinking.

Our interactive, whole-class teaching model encourages thinking, precise mathematical language and allows children to develop and deepen their mathematical knowledge and understanding on their journey through Key Stage 2. Children develop a strong foundation upon which to transition to secondary school and start to understand the relevance of Maths in the wider world, equipping them with knowledge and skills which they will come to rely upon in later life.

Children learn that hard work, effort and commitment drive success and that ‘smart’ is not something that you are or are not, but something that you become. In short, our curriculum encourages children to believe that everyone can do maths… EVERYONE CAN!

Units are planned following Power Maths, a high quality resource which provides clear progression and sequencing. If you would like any further information, regarding the units of work, we'd be happy to share further documentation with you.

May 2024


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