Religious Education

RE Intent

At Westdale Junior School we strive to deliver a Religious Education curriculum that cultivates curiosity, respect and understanding for religions, ethics and cultures. Our Religious Education curriculum ensures that children are exposed to, and understand, a wide range of religious scriptures. Including, unpicking how historical doctrine directly influences rituals and practises and religious leadership. Both of which are still prevalent in today’s modern religious communities.

We endeavor to inspire children about places of worship and the captivating festivals and celebrations that occur. Whilst simultaneously navigating the significance of spiritual expression and how it relates to the life of a religious individual. We strive to promote the acquisition of interest, compassion and tolerance towards all religions, that will shape how children empathise with others throughout their lives.

Our intent is to deliver an RE curriculum which is accessible to all and that will maximise the outcomes for every child so that they develop an enthusiasm and enjoyment of learning and discovery. Progression in learning is clearly mapped from Year 2 to Year 7 in the attached knowledge progression grid.

Religious Education Curriculum Documents

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