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To help you write your play scripts and include stage directions for your characters in a play, you will need to use adverbs to say 'how' something is done.

A verb is a doing word or action e.g. walk, skip.

An adverb describes the verb. We are going to learn to use an adverb to show 'how' something is done.

For example: The alien suddenly jumped up behind them and burped loudly!

An adverb can be positioned before or after the verb.

Complete the sheet attached below. It will help you revise and understand what a verb and adverb is

To help you, I have attached an adverb word bank.

Adverb List (How)

Adverb List (How) PDF

Verbs and adverbs activity revision sheet (Word)

Verbs and adverbs activity revision sheet (PDF)

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